ILO Leggings Size Chart


Age Waist Length
0 - 6 months 35cm 35cm
6 - 12 months 40cm 40cm
1 years 42cm 43cm
2 years 44cm 46.5cm
3 years 46cm 51cm
4 years 47cm 55cm
5 years 47cm 60cm
6 years 48cm 63cm
7 years 49cm 66cm
8 years 50cm 68cm



What size should you get?

Sizing is generous and designed to last longer than usual baby and kids’ clothing.

If your baby is at the starting age of one of our sizes, then go for that one. If they fall in between sizes and they’re not on the small side, then go for a size above – it will still fit thanks to cuffs that keep legs from sliding down and it will last a long time.

Ribbing and waist fabrics may vary, but will always be a fab and fun combination.

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