Standing With Ukraine

Standing With Ukraine

As we observe from affar the horrors unfolding in Ukraine, many of us are asking ourselves:

What can we, as individuals, do to help?

After reading about the conflict, and the complex realities of getting physical items to Ukraine, plus our experience of trying to get Winter children's clothes to Afganistan, it has become clear we are facing a different logistical problem.

Sending mixed haulage through Europe form the UK is currently a logistical nightmare. It is unclear if individual vans traveling from the UK are going to be able to make it all the way to Ukraine's neighbouring countries, so it becomes aparent that sending finantial aid is the way forward.

Here is a list of organizations working in and with Ukraine currently. Let's make our donations really count.


If you leave a comment bellow with other organizations, I'll add them to this list.


Many thanks.





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